Ever wish you could re-do prom? Dressing up, the lights, the music...the magic? Well, get ready for an evening more magical than any dance you've attended before. Get dolled up in your dresses, your house-color ties, or even your house robes, and join us at the Richmond WIZARD PROM (18+), hosted by The Canal Club and produced by Markster Con (producer of year-round geek and alternative themed events in the SouthEast!)

On Friday, Sept. 6th, 2019 step into the fantasy for one evening as you dance to the tunes of veterans rockers RADIO CULT (based out of Atlanta) while drinking butter brew or other magic themed libations with your fellow sorcerers.

Feel like paying homage to your most beloved characters? Any Professors, or other famous wizards and witches are encouraged to join us as well! There will be a costume contest were you can show us your charm while you step into the shoes of characters we all know and love....or for those Umbridges out there, we all love to hate. While costumes are strongly encouraged, they are not required, as we are fans of non-wizards too! NOTE: Non-wizard clothing is requested to be semi-formal to formal!

And, of course, there will be free wizard-themed PROM PHOTOS in addition to the crowning of the Wizard Prom KING & QUEEN.

You can get tickets for this enchanted evening in advance up to the day of the event (then you can also purchase “walk-up” tickets at the door) but don't wait too long – we can't guarantee they'll be around until then!

ATTIRE: Get dolled up in your house color dresses, ties, or even your house robes or if you want to tap into your inner Wizard character and wear a costume, please do! HOWEVER, street wear (i.e. jeans, sneakers, t-shirts) are frowned upon by the headmaster!

...ALSO consider joining us the following day, Sept. 7th for the Richmond WIZARD PUB CRAWL (21+) hosted in Scott's Addition. Consider acquiring a "Combo" ticket which will get you access to both the Wizard Prom and Wizard Pub Crawl (21+) making it a true WIZARD WEEKEND! And also, on Wednesday, Sept. 4th consider attending the Potter Triwizard Quiz at Station 2 from 8-11pm (18+)