So do you know the magical world of Harry Potter? Well, tell us this. How many Horcruxes were there? Do you know why one eats chocolate after a dementor attack? How about the Elder Wand? Could you name the wizards who owned it?

Why don't you put your knowledge where the microphone is on Wednesday, Sept. 4th, 2019? That's right, Markster Con in partnership with Richmond's Station 2 is hosting a Potter TriWizard Quiz (8-11pm, 18+) and only the most knowledgeable witches and wizards need apply — in conjunction with Richmond's WIZARD WEEKEND 2019!

Make like a Ravenclaw and show off your wit and intelligence as you compete against other wizarding world experts. The winning team may not get the house cup, but there will be prizes! May the best wizards and witches win!

LOCATION: Station 2
( 2016 E Main St, Richmond )